teacher & daycare appreciation - 12.5 oz candle
teacher & daycare appreciation - 12.5 oz candle

teacher & daycare appreciation - 12.5 oz candle

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They're true heroes taking care of our littles day in and day out. Show them some much deserved appreciation! 


Sending to someone directly? Take advantage of our complimentary gift note at check out for us to send with the order. 

As these candles are custom poured please allow 5-7 days for the candle to be poured to order.  

average candle burn time of 80+ hours


- OMA'S KITCHEN - like you just opened the front door of your Oma's house and she's baking a fresh apple pie full of vanilla and cinnamon for you to enjoy around the table together 

- OPA'S BARN - woodsy, warm, and comfortingly familiar just like a visit out to Opa's barn! this scent combines toasty notes of chestnut, cedar, and vanilla


- PERFECT MAN - our customer's favorite! a provocative blend of Japanese grapefruit, bergamot, & lemon followed by aquatic notes, natural patchouli, and vetiver

- DRIFTWOOD - bold and masculine notes of spice, teakwood, sandalwood, and amber

- CARTWRIGHT - named after the years spent watching the show "Bonanza" with my Dad, this men's fragrance scent blends citrus, amber, and musk

- BLOOM - a beautiful floral combination fragrance as if you're smelling straight from the bouquet of lilacs, roses, and jasmine

- LAVENDER - - our new and improved scent blend, we tested over and over to find the best natural lavender scent and we think we nailed it! a tranquil blend of French lavender with undertones of lily, camphor, and clover buds completes this aromatherapy favorite

- VERANDA - a beautifully light scent of fresh air and garden vines featuring notes of bergamot and rose


- RASPBERRY VANILLA - - as delicious as it sounds! fruity raspberry top notes with a vanilla base

- SWEET CITRUS - can't get enough of this fragrance! sweet sugary citrus goodness with notes of strawberry and tangerine

- LEMON CHIFFON - the sweetness of a fresh squeezed lemon on a bed of warm sugared vanilla 

- CABANA - this summertime scent is a tropical blend of sweet nectarine, berries, coconut, and pink coral that will have you dreaming of umbrella drinks and time on the beach

- GRACE - delightfully delicate and feminine featuring top notes of Italian bergamot and lemon with floral undertones and a cedarwood base

- LINEN - we took our vanilla cotton and gave it a little something extra, this scent will give your home that freshly cleaned smell, notes of citrus, sweet vanilla, and a soft sandalwood musk. A perfect background scent if you prefer lighter scents.

- OAKMOSS & AMBER - a captivating mixture of citrus fruits infused with sage topped in notes of lavender, oakmoss, and amber

- CASHMERE - we LOVE this scent! it's every bit luxurious and clean, with notes of warm vanilla musk and sandalwood

- AMBER ALLURE - we gave our amber noir a glow up, still an intriguing infusion of citrus, musk, and amber but with a warm vanilla background added for a softer scent approach


- REVITALIZE - an invigorating blend of eucalyptus, sage, & basil that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and awakened 

- COLD BREW - like walking into your favorite coffee shop! notes of espresso and pastries with a hint of hazelnut

- PINK SUGAR - a classic sweet vanilla scent with a hint of spun sugar that feels extra warm and inviting

-SWEET VIOLETS - this scent is everything summery fresh to me, like the breeze after the grass has just been cut and the flowers are in full bloom!

- LILAC - a sign of summer, this features a light aroma of a freshly blooming lilac bush



- GERMAN WASSAIL - a holiday tradition! this sweet cider scent features a warm blend of apples, cranberries, oranges, and red wine. 

- BALSAM & CEDAR - a customer favorite! a blend of cedar, pine, and sweet balsam that brings all the cozy on a cold winter's day. 

- SPICED CRANBERRY - it's all in the name! a spiced combination of cranberry and cinnamon with a hint of orange zest to get you into the festive spirit. 

- ORANGE CLOVE - this toasty scent brings all the warmth. fresh orange slices and clove make this scent a match made in winter heaven! 

- PEPPERMINT COCOA - a sweet scent just like stirring a warm cup of hot cocoa with a peppermint stick on a chilly winter day



- AUTUMN SANGRIA - an inviting combination of blush rose and Macintosh apple infused with cinnamon and sparkling raspberry, peach, and citrus notes. truly everything you would want in a warm cup of autumn sangria!

- PUMPKIN SOUFFLE - pumpkins are such a Fall staple! this is a true pumpkin scent complete with undertones of molasses, nutmeg, and brown sugar that will fill your home with warmth

-  SWEATER WEATHER - who doesn't love the transition into the cooler Fall season and throwing on your favorite sweater?! this scent combines cranberry and citrus with undertones of sweet spice on a slightly musky background. it's sure to evoke another cardigan purchase!

- CARAMEL PRALINE - a delicious dessert fragrance with notes of caramel and sea salt with undertones of hazelnut and pecan. mouthwatering for sure!